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1. Software

Maya, 3DsMax, Cinema 4D, zBrush,
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Unity, Unreal Engine.

2. Personal Skills

Other people know me as:
Determined, Extroverted, Apt, Reliable, Structurized and Teamoriented.

3. Education

AP Degree in Financial Management
AP Degeree in Multimedia Design

4. Languages

I speak and write fluent Danish, German and English

My Work

Here you can find some examples, of my best work.


Low Poly Tiger

#3d #sculpting #mascot

This project was created for my speciliaztion project where i had to create a 3D Character for the retail shop Tigeren which is known for their big sortiment of orginale, colorful, pratical and funny products for an affordable price with a broad appeal across age and income groups. Their product range includes categories from home, hobby, toys, celebration, electronics and gadgets to food and accessories, whereas all the gods has a distinctively Danish design and often with a humorous twist.

The basemesh was created in zBrush by using zSpheres where i continued by sculpting the major primary formes and afterwards to the secondary forms. Their were no reason to created hyper detail because it wouldnt have been visible underneath the fur. The polycount itself was estimated approximately around 12.000 polygons.

I was graded with a 12 which is the highest grade in danish system because of my structure an design apporach and nevertheless the character itself.For the project i had 9 days from start to finish.

Realistic Eye

#3d #realism

Software: Photoshop, Substance Designer, Autodesk Maya, Arnold Renderer.

Duration: 1 week.

Game Logo

#logodesign #lego

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator.

Duration: 4 days.

3D Revolver

#highpoly #hardsurface

Software: Autodesk Maya, Arnold Renderer.

Duration: 1 week.


2D Game Design

#illustration #gameenviroment

This classical vector style enviroment was developed for my 3 semester exam were we had to create a game or and app for international students to learning about the cultural differences in Denmark. The game had to be informative but still entertaining which also explains the style of art we were going for.

The game is still work in progess but as soon as i find the time i will upload the game here into this section of the portfolio.

Surreal Illustrations

#illustration #freetime

2D Low Poly Tiger

#illustration #lowpolyart

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator.

Duration: 2 days.


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Why Choose Me ?

Hello, my name is Yannic Damgaard and im 25 years old. I'm studying as Multimedia Designer at International Business Academy in Kolding with my specialty subject in 3D Character Design. Right now I'm focused on getting an Internship inside the 3D universe to chase my dream of becomming a 3D Character Artist and the underlying expertise.

Until now i've been working with 3D for nearly 4 years in my sparetime besides my previous studies. Therefore I have developed reliable competences that have helped me to evolve myself personally and artistic wise. For that reason I'm passionated about progressing my dream and challenge myself to exert my knowledge.

Until now I havent have had the possibility to work in a team with anyone regarding 3D development unfortunately although i really wanted to. I ache for the possibility to exchange ideas and learn from other teammembers to inspire myself to become a even stronger teamplayer.

If we meet, you would experience as: Engaging, extroverted, goal-oriented, willing to learn, reliable, flexible, willing to adapt and last but not least result oriented.

If you are interest in my internship apllication and CV you can downloaded it here.

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00 45 28 51 46 82


Havnegade 15B
7100 Vejle, Denmark